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Unlike any other low-cost housing projects in Central Luzon, the Villa Marcela is dressed up with recreational amenities the whole family and neighbors will enjoy any time of the day. The weekend is probably the most awaited moments of the family where they can enjoy these amazing amenities together. The Villa Marcela has a grandiose entrance gate with a landscaped garden. The gate has a guardhouse with 24/7 security. The Villa has its own clubhouse, a multipurpose hall, basketball court, children’s playground, jogging path, wide concrete roads with curbs and gutters, centralized water distribution system, efficient underground drainage system, and other community features.

  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Concrete Roads, Curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
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Villa Marcela is a low-cost townhouse community in San Rafael, Bulacan. Despite of that, it promises to offer a lifestyle experience that improves your quality of life. This is made possible by the facilities and amenities offered to the residents, which is unlike anything you would expect to find from a low-cost housing solution. It is therefore a practical choice for those who want to buy more than just a home, but be a part of a community as well.

There are housing units with basic finishes at Villa Marcela but for those interested, you may also invest in fully finished homes. Among the housing specifications that are available are as follows: long span colored roof, steel roof framings, toilet and bath with tiles and bathroom fixtures, steel casement windows, electrical wiring and fixtures, and water/plumbing fixtures. 

Despite being a low-cost housing community, Villa Marcela comes with an entrance gate with guard house. The entrance gate is manned by security personnel. This is to ensure the security of the homeowners to ensure that only authorized guests and residents are permitted entry. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that there are security guards that are looking after the safety of the homeowners. If you thought that only exclusive and premier subdivisions have this particular facility, think again.

The Multi-Purpose Hall is another one of the major facilities available at Villa Marcela. This facility can be used for a variety of purposes, such as social gatherings, homeowner’s meetings, parties, and more. This facility also serves as the central amenity area within this townhouse subdivision.  

While the multi-purpose hall is dedicated for social events and gatherings, there are plenty of facilities available at Villa Marcela to help you stay active. There is a playground for the children so they can get outside and do some physical activities. At the same time, this is a social experience for them as they get to meet and mingle with other kids in the community. For the adults, there is a full-sized basketball court available for them to use. This outdoor court is available for all the residents of Villa Marcela to use. Thus, you can engage in your favorite sport activities in order to pursue your ideal lifestyle in this community. As with the kids in the playground, it is also a great social activity so you can meet and play with other basketball enthusiasts in the community.

Aside from the lifestyle facilities and amenities that are on offer, there are also subdivision facilities that enrich the daily lives of its homeowners. For example, the entire subdivision at Villa Marcela is built with a network of concretized roads, curbs, and gutters. There is also an underground drainage system that ensures the streets remain flood-free despite a heavy downpour. Meanwhile, a centralized water supply is available to ensure that there is a continuous supply of water for every home in this subdivision. You won’t have to worry about unnecessary water interruptions. 

The impressive array of facilities and amenities at Villa Marcela is guaranteed to uplift the quality of life for its future residents.

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